The Oner 2019

Bib Name Time Last Location
Peter Bradley Male ONER 4:18:24 CP3
David Chapman Male Half ONER 5:10:28 CP5
Tom Hole Male Half ONER 5:28:52 CP5
Peter Brooker Male Half ONER 6:13:21 CP5
Harry Sealey Male Half ONER 6:24:32 CP5
Ryan Buddington Male Half ONER 6:29:05 CP5
Ruth Stanley Female Half ONER 6:29:14 CP5
Fanny Thieffry Female Half ONER 6:43:15 CP5
Gareth Bradley-Jones Male Half ONER 6:55:26 CP5
Stuart Terris Male Half ONER 7:04:26 CP5
Lee Samways Male Half ONER 7:21:31 CP5
Charlie Lowis Male Half ONER 7:21:55 CP5
Simon Crouch Male Half ONER 7:23:19 CP5
Pete Scott Male Half ONER 7:29:32 CP5
Andrew Bowden Male Half ONER 7:39:50 CP5
Christopher Hargreaves Male Half ONER 7:48:10 CP5
Alex Sasar-De-Sain Male Half ONER 7:58:39 CP5
Justin Marney Male ONER 8:01:33 CP5
Jed Bailiff Male Half ONER 8:15:13 CP5
Jason Ross Male Half ONER 8:18:57 CP5
Shawn Wormal Male Half ONER 8:58:48 CP5
Andy Sloan Male ONER 16:00:34 Finish
Ashley Scott Male ONER 16:01:49 Finish
Bran Shute Male ONER 16:37:12 CP10
Craig Clements Male ONER 17:47:10 Finish
Anna Troup Female ONER 17:58:22 Finish
Richard Staite Male ONER 17:59:19 Finish
AnthonyTC Gerundini Male ONER 18:35:02 Finish
Jonny Scott Male ONER 19:19:49 Finish
Joseph Shaw Male ONER 19:20:07 Finish
Ben Shirley Male ONER 19:20:14 Finish
Sam Pattison Male ONER 19:20:58 Finish
Sergey Ionov Male ONER 19:26:09 Finish
Justin Butler Male ONER 19:26:54 Finish
Richard Newey Male ONER 19:37:35 Finish
David Jones Male ONER 19:38:06 Finish
Phil Mills Male ONER 19:39:28 Finish
Josh Walton Male ONER 19:43:59 Finish
Tom Wharfe Male ONER 20:08:16 Finish
Ian Jack Male ONER 20:29:47 Finish
Simon Dicks Male ONER 20:34:33 Finish
Matthew Bazire Male ONER 20:35:35 Finish
Colin Irvine Male ONER 20:37:55 Finish
Laura Appleby Female ONER 20:38:21 Finish
Lomax Ward Male ONER 20:40:13 Finish
Melanie Austreng Female ONER 20:47:58 Finish
Ian Stubbings Male ONER 20:55:23 Finish
James Leighton-Burns Male ONER 21:11:33 Finish
Steven Knight Male ONER 21:26:56 Finish
Stephen Savage Male ONER 21:43:13 Finish
David Bradley-Jones Male ONER 21:58:05 Finish
Oumar Coulibaly Male ONER 21:59:08 Finish
Daniel Rourke Male ONER 22:03:41 Finish
Jamie Edwards Male ONER 22:05:18 Finish
Ricky Jordan Male ONER 22:10:38 Finish
David Mackie Male ONER 22:11:35 Finish
John Bennett Male ONER 22:21:20 Finish
Will Pakes-Geddes Male ONER 22:23:59 Finish
Boris Dehalu Male ONER 22:36:25 Finish
Andrew Mcveigh Male ONER 22:38:15 Finish
Kate Small Female ONER 22:38:22 Finish
Yiannis Theologos Michellis Male ONER 22:50:31 Finish
Mark Hillier Male ONER 22:50:40 Finish
Phill Richardson Male ONER 22:52:02 Finish
Elsa Hogan Female ONER 22:52:04 Finish
James Gibbons Male ONER 22:55:32 Finish
Matt Coffey Male ONER 22:58:11 Finish
Tim Cook Male ONER 23:03:49 Finish
Debbie Butt Female ONER 23:03:57 Finish
Andy Killworth Male ONER 23:11:31 Finish
Dan Parsons Male ONER 23:12:30 Finish
Philip Mckellow Male ONER 23:26:54 Finish
Richard Baker Male ONER 23:27:36 Finish
Andrew Procter Male ONER 23:27:57 Finish
Ed Lear Male ONER 23:28:10 Finish
Steve Verdin Male ONER 23:32:08 Finish
Wim Van Dyck Male ONER 23:32:09 Finish
Chris Calton Male ONER 23:34:10 Finish
John Chambers Male ONER 23:34:21 Finish
Mathew Hinks Male ONER 23:49:56 Finish
Ewan McCombe Male ONER 00:00:00 None
Eddy Prince Male ONER 00:00:00 None
Oliver Duncan-King Male ONER 00:00:00 None
Martin Smith Male ONER 00:00:00 None
Shayne Hassall Male ONER 00:00:00 None
The Griffen Male Half ONER 00:00:00 Start
Edward Olcot Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
Sophie Dorey Female Half ONER 00:00:00 Start
Jonathan Dorey Male Half ONER 00:00:00 Start
Peter Liggins Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
Michael Moran Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
John Ferguson Davie Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
Chris Errington Male Half ONER 00:00:00 Start
Pepijn Watty Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
Michael Frain Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
James Tattingham Male ONER 00:00:00 Start
Dries Ampe Male ONER 6:27:15 CP4-6