Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra 2019

Bib Name Time Group Last Location
SaddleRock 1 555k 4-Person Team 16:11:20 Male Finish
Breffni Wheelers 555k 4-Person Team 16:22:13 Male Finish
Emyvale & Co. 555k 4-Person Team 16:29:45 Male Finish
Cuchulainn CC 555k 4-Person Team 16:47:16 Male Finish
Performance Swim Bike Run - Team 1 555k 4-Person Team 17:01:06 Male Finish
Team Glassagh 555k 4-Person Team 17:14:36 Male Finish
Carn Wheelers Men 555k 4-Person Team 17:18:46 Male Finish
Errigal CC 555k 4-Person Team 17:40:48 Male Finish
Lough Key TRI Leitrim 555k 4-Person Team 17:55:00 Male Finish
Speer Performance 555k 4-Person Team 18:00:51 Male Finish
Carn Men 555k 2-Person Team 18:40:01 Male Finish
Shamrock Challengers 555k 4-Person Team 18:40:23 Male Finish
Minotaur Racing 555k 8-Person Team 18:43:06 Male Finish
Rodney Orr & David Russell 555k 2-Person Team 19:12:28 Male Finish
Inish Cycling - Team 1 555k 4-Person Team 19:18:09 Male Finish
Rusty Cranks 555k 4-Person Team 19:19:53 Mixed Finish
DB - Clarkes of Cavan Cycle Centre 555k 4-Person Team 19:26:48 Male Finish
Seaside Spinners 555k 4-Person Team 19:30:13 Male Finish
Donegal Knights 555k 4-Person Team 19:35:09 Male Finish
PSBR A TRI 555k 4-Person Team 19:35:57 Male Finish
4 Amigos 555k 4-Person Team 19:38:50 Male Finish
Team Old Glen Bar 'OGB' 555k 8-Person Team 19:56:54 Mixed Finish
Moynalty CC Ladies Racing Team 555k 4-Person Team 20:01:01 Female Finish
Men On The Move 555k 4-Person Team 20:45:06 Male Finish
North Pole Express 555k 4-Person Team 20:45:54 Male Finish
Roe Valley Heavies 555k 2-Person Team 21:01:40 Male Finish
MMDK - Dublin, Donegal,Kerry 555k 4-Person Team 21:07:14 Male Finish
Foyle CC 555k 4-Person Team 21:09:46 Male Finish
Moynalty Ladies Racing Team 555k 8-Person Team 21:18:36 Female Finish
The Chancers 555k 8-Person Team 21:21:09 Mixed Finish
McMorrow & McLaughlin Solicitors 555k 4-Person Team 21:23:39 Male Finish
Trailblazers 555k 8-Person Team 21:25:47 Mixed Finish
Loughcrew Coasters 555k 4-Person Team 21:26:25 Male Finish
Foyle Ladies 555k 8-Person Team 21:35:47 Female Finish
Roger Brown 555k Solo 21:40:55 Male Finish
Team Ardera 555k 4-Person Team 21:44:12 Mixed Finish
Gerard Callahan & Michael Russell 555k 2-Person Team 21:44:18 Male Finish
Performance Swim Bike Run - Team 2 555k 4-Person Team 21:48:17 Female Finish
Rough Run 555k 2-Person Team 21:56:12 Male Finish
Part-Timers 555k 2-Person Team 22:01:20 Male Finish
C&S 555k 4-Person Team 22:15:30 Mixed Finish
Philip Culbert 555k Solo 22:22:17 Male Finish
Finn Wheelers Turtles 555k 4-Person Team 22:23:01 Male Finish
The 4 MAMILS 555k 4-Person Team 22:26:44 Male Finish
Take OFF 555k 8-Person Team 22:48:40 Mixed Finish
04 DL 555 555k 4-Person Team 22:51:05 Male Finish
Team Jamm 555k 4-Person Team 22:55:43 Male Finish
Pedal Pushers 555k 8-Person Team 23:03:33 Male Finish
Team Cavan Racing 555k 2-Person Team 23:06:00 Female Finish
Colm Richardson 555k Solo 23:16:53 Male Finish
Falcarragh First Responders 555k 8-Person Team 23:22:14 Mixed Finish
Ballybegley Bike Warriors 555k 2-Person Team 23:34:05 Male Finish
Finn Wheelers Turtles Gems 555k 8-Person Team 24:27:05 Female Finish
Cathal Wilson 555k Solo 24:30:33 Male Finish
Damien McKay 555k Solo 24:57:03 Male Finish
Team Pam-Ellie 555k 2-Person Team 25:10:52 Female Finish
Martin Temple 555k Solo 25:16:39 Male Finish
Tough Cookies 555k 4-Person Team 25:24:40 Female Finish
Bray Headers 555k 2-Person Team 25:27:53 Female Finish
John McFadden 555k Solo 25:37:32 Male Finish
Ryan McNeilly 555k Solo 25:39:51 Male Finish
Kenny Gillespie 555k Solo 25:46:07 Male Finish
What 4 - Donegal, Dublin, Liverpool 555k 4-Person Team 25:59:45 Male Finish
Robert Flemming 555k Solo 25:59:56 Male Finish
Team OP's 555k 2-Person Team 26:40:12 Mixed Finish
The Expendables 555k 4-Person Team 29:27:54 Male Finish
Josh Murray 555k Solo 29:45:17 Male Finish
Michael Sharkey 555k Solo 33:08:51 Male Finish